Coffee and a Comfy Chair

Welcome Storytellers, Thinkers, Naysayers, and Imaginers

Storytelling:  The art of conveying events with words and images, often stretched beyond the literal truth.

Thinking: The puzzling out of problems, questions, and wonders.

Naysaying: Sometimes critical thinking and questioning, and sometimes the exercise of mere cynicism.  At its worst, argumentative and unproductive trolling.

Imagining: The practice of inventing and visualizing new scenes, events, and outcomes in the mind.

These are the elements of the creative spirit which shine through on this site.  I process life best by writing.  Here you will find articles about life and culture’s idiosyncrasies, hypocrisies, and curiosities.  And you will find stories which explore history, fantasy, and technology.  In dealing with life, the issues and thoughts prevalent in nonfiction sometimes need a little push from fiction and imagination to bring forth their truth.  And from me and my writing, even amidst critique, you’ll enjoy a smidge more optimism than naysaying 🙂


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