My Reasons Why

(Originally published 12/24/2009)

I am a recovering student. By that I mean I have been in school for 17 years and have forgotten how to function on a year-round schedule. I thought I solved this problem when I got my Masters in Teaching and a teaching license. You see, I was made for school. However, I have suddenly found myself plopped into the real world during an economic crisis. Therefore, I am a substitute teacher who simply carries out the pre-planned lessons of others and an evening sandwich maker who gets lots of social stimulation but no challenge for the brain.

I miss being a student. But one day a few weeks ago, I subbed in a high school film studies class. It was one of those days when I really felt useful and I walked away having actually learned something instead of just having completed a high-paying babysitting gig. I don’t have a lot of experience in analyzing films, so I decided to set up a challenge for myself.

Between now and next September (by which time I will hopefully be planning my own lessons for my own classroom), I plan to watch all the Academy Award Best Picture winners. I am sure that other intellectual challenges will present themselves as I strive to fill my time with productive brain food. For now, I will be recording my thoughts and insights on each film as I watch them in order. It should be interesting to see how the film genre has metamorphed over the twentieth century. Hope you enjoy!


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