1934: It Happened One Night

(Originally published January 17, 2010)

Note: I have been unable to locate a copy of the 1933 winner, Cavalcade.

It Happened One Night is a witty, action-packed love story road trip starring Clark Gable and Cluadette Colbert. Colbert plays Ellie Andrews, a socialite running away from her father to elope with a gold-digger aviator. Gable plays Peter Warne, the journalist that Ellie meets on the bus. At first he only sees her as a way to gain back his job at the paper, but throughout their misadventures from Miami to New York, they both realize how much in love the are with each other.

My favorite part of the movie was the dialogue. Gable and Colbert maintain a silly banter that alternates between flirting and bickering. One gets the impression the couple has been married for years.


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