1935: Mutiny on the Bounty

(Originally published February 7, 2010)
Mutiny on the Bounty is an epic tale of mutiny on the high seas in the 1700s. The film stars Charles Laughton as a sea captain intent on breaking the spirit of his sailors. He is pitted against Clark Gable, one of the officers on board who breaks with the captain’s strategy and his friend Roger Byam, headed to Tahiti to create a dictionary of the language, organizes the sailors to commit mutiny. Both actors were nominated for best actor.

The HMS Bounty is sailing for Tahiti and during the first few weeks, Fletcher Christian (Gable) keeps his mouth shut as Captain Bligh (Laughton) orders his sailors to punishment that is beyond the crime. He even continues to flog a man even after he is already dead. The ship reaches Tahiti where Christian and Byam fall in love with Tahitian women and promise to return someday.

On the way back to England, Christian can bear the violence no longer. He stages a coup and takes the ship, casting Captain Bligh and any other loyal followers adrift in a little dinghy to brave the whole ocean. There was not enough room in the Dinghy for a few loyal followers so they stayed with Christian under orders not to retake the ship.

Unfortunately, Bligh and his dinghy arrive safely on a populated island and return to England where Bligh immediately sets out to capture Christian. Unfortunately for Bligh, Christian and his loyal mutineers return to Tahiti, marry the women, and settle on another unknown island where they burn the ship. Roger Byam and a few others remain on Tahiti to show their loyalty to Bligh. Unfortunately for them, when Bligh returns to Tahiti, he takes them as mutineers and puts them on trial as such back in England.

Mutiny on the Bounty is a story of adventure, freedom and justice. Justice is served and Fletcher Christian remained free because he fought for what is right.


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