Embracing the Third Party 2016

Dear Millennials,

This is our season.  This is our election.  I am about as apolitical as they come, mostly because I see politics as temporary and generally ineffective, but I believe strongly in personal character and the right to vote.  Voting is an amazing privilege and I cannot ignore the opportunity to participate.

That said, as one of the oldest of our generation and therefore wisest (haha!), I feel compelled to share some insights and observations as this election draws near.

This year we have one candidate who is in it just to see if he can win and we have one candidate who is in it because she has wanted this her whole life and is willing to do anything to get elected.  There are even rumblings that they are working in cahoots for her benefit.  Either way, neither seems to have the country’s best interest at heart.  Everyone has dirty laundry and one of these candidates may be totally qualified, but these candidates simply do not have the kind of character I want running my country.

He stands for absolutely everything we Millennials vehemently oppose.  She represents the Man and the System that we’ve been taught to question our whole lives.  So let’s question it.

Don’t get me wrong; it would be fantastic to have a woman in the White House or a businessman who has no deep ties to politics.  We desperately need a change.  I get that.  But these are not the right candidates.  I hate watching all the diehard Bernie Sanders supporters get swept along with the Democratic Party and reluctantly hand their votes to Hillary Clinton.  And I hate watching the Republican Party dissolve at the hands of fools.

With the explosion of social media, politics has become so polarizing. It invades friendships and becomes generally unruly, taking over personal space far beyond its original intent.   It’s a freaking circus, and frankly, we are the laughing stock of world.  I’m sick of it, and I’m pretty sure you are, too.

Millennials, we hate politics because we feel useless and utterly disconnected from the process and the result.  And yet we experience the repercussions of what appears to be other people’s decisions.  It does not have to be this way.  Make the choice, this year, to vote third party.   Vote for Gary Johnson.

Note, I am not a paid campaigner for Gary Johnson or anything like that.  I’m purely looking at this from a sense of sanity and security.  I want my leader to be viable, stable, experienced, and a person of character.  Is that so much to ask?  I cannot in good conscious skip voting altogether nor can I cast my vote half-heartedly or reluctantly.  I want to vote for someone I could really stand behind.  So, third party it is this year.  And I think if we Millennials rose up together, against the System, Johnson really is an electable third party option.

Yes, it seems like a long-shot and the math may not seem to support it.  But what if it worked? What if we could look back on this election and know that we rose up and did something about it?  What if we could send a message to Washington that said how we really feel?  What a tangible statement! What a story to tell our children!

Our votes count.  Don’t cast a vote for a candidate only because you’re voting against the other one.  That’s a wasted vote.  If we all threw our votes into the third party pot, nothing would be wasted.

Let’s go out there and VOTE, Millennials.  Vote wisely.  Vote your conscious, not just by numbers. Vote for someone you really support; do not allow yourself to get swept up in the math of elections or the popularity contest.  Character matters.

Let’s not let Them dictate our options to us. Don’t throw away your vote.  Embrace the third party challenge.

If you want to tweet about it, use #thirdpartychallenge

Let’s do this!


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