Sluggish Loving

The status of the Smiling RV Park teetered on a slippery slope.  Recently, an erosion explosion had brought the trailers down and the Silver Swamp up to within a nail-biting distance of one another.  This unwelcome union also added an abundant population of slugs, bugs, and mud.

On a clear day, between threats of complete RV inundation, Gary and Melinda went out for a stroll.  Squishing along beside the swamp, Continue reading


Requiem Redeemed

Cynthia alighted on the highest sarcophagus and gazed out over the wild Cosmos above.  She frequently sought out the midnight hour in this graveyard, and it was here the little pixie often dozed off into dreams of the dead, the Opera, and the universe.

She awoke, startled, and with a heavy head.  Cynthia lay very still atop the stone coffin and recounted the events of the night.  She heard the voices, whispering, and Continue reading